[3 PA/ECA / 1 iGPS] 板球工作坊 Cricket Workshop

報名後未能出席者,於本學年內再報體育部任何課程或活動會受限制,報名後請自行查閱e-registration內的結果。Those who fail to attend the class after successful registration will be limited to enroll for other PE activities in this academic year.


SAO PE Unit 將舉辦板球同樂日,該活動由香港板球總會註冊教練負責教授。


1. 活動目標



2. 參加資格



3. 日期: 10月17 日 (星期四)


4.  時間: 14:30-17:30


5. 地點: M座室外籃球場


6. 名額

30名 (若截止報名後人數不足15人, 將取消有關課程)


7. 報名方法




8. 費用全免

另外活動完結後可獲得有關出席之時數(3 PA/ECA Hours/ 1 IGPS) 



如有查詢,請與Ms Lo聯絡,3963 5236/yhlo@hsu.edu.hk (或服務熱線: 3963 5366)


SAO PE Unit will organize Cricket Workshop in October 2019. The workshop will be taught by the registered coach of Cricket Hong Kong


1.    Aims:

– To promote and arouse students’ interest in cricket; and

– To teach basic knowledge, skills and safety measures on cricket; and

– To assist students to have positive attitude and mentality on cricket


2.    Eligibility: HSUHK students


3.    Date: 17 October 2019 (Thursday)


4.    Time: 14:30 – 17:30


5.    Venue: M Build Outdoor Basketball Court


6.    Quota:

30 (If there are less than 15 registrants after deadline, the event will be cancelled)


7. Registration method:


The quotas are on a first-come-first-served basis.


9. Registration fee: Free of charge

– Participants can gain 3 PA/ECA Hours/ 1 IGPS upon completion of event.


Should you have any queries, please make a call to service hotline at 3963-5366 or contact Ms. Lo by phone at 3963-5236 or by email at yhlo@hsu.edu.hk.


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