Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness

Evening Sports Class are organized with the aim to enable students acquire new sports skills and foster their life-long pursuit in sports. Students are encouraged to participate on the voluntary basis during their free periods. Evening sports classes offered include swimming, yoga and fat burn.

Different PE workshops will be organized throughout the year for staff and students. For more details, please check from the E-campus regularly.

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Exercise is Medicine


Have you ever suffered from tendon or joint pain? Kinesio tape may help support the injured parts and relieve pain. This workshop is going to introduce the usage of the Kinesio tape.

Learn the basic skills and competition regulations in this 3-hour fun day event.

Learn the basic skills and competition regulations in this 3-hour fun day event.

Extreme athlete Cheng Ka Shing has faced many challenges, both in life and sports. What is the psychology of him during the process of being knocked down? How does he deal with the situation and persist? He will share his ups and downs during this workshop.

Poor body postures cause different physical pains. The workshop organised on 21 Oct, showed 12 stretching exercises that you should know to prevent the pain. The highlights have been uploaded to our channel – click HERE to review!

Having perfect movements is half of a great work. Achieve the maximum impact with the least chance to get injured.

It is time to exercise in Lee Shau Kee Complex(Block B), a place that you can Laugh, Stretch and Kick.

Tired of staying home all day long? Time to get active! Start your day with exercises to feel energized, active and full of happiness.

Record a video featuring you completing 4 sets or more of our designated fitness activities, within the programme period (14 days). Submit the video record link with the workout details to get 4 to 10 PA.

Complete and pass any pre-approved sports-related certification course. You can earn up to10 PA and 10 ECA hours!

Submit a video to show the process of you tying the seven designated knots on a single rope within 5 minutes to gain 4 ECA hours/1iGPS.

A series of programs are ready! Let’s earn some PA hours anywhere!




Sports is more than just getting physical! Subscribe to our PE Channel and explore the unexpected, related to health, wellness and sports…

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So healthy
So easy
So happy

Yoga at home

Day 26 – Keep

Day 27 – Integrate

Day 28 – Nourish

Day 29 –  Intuit

 Day 30 – Journey

Date: From 06 April 2020 (Monday) – 

Venue : At Home

輕輕鬆鬆登高峰Tate’s Cairn Hike

Date: 22 January 2020(Wednesday)

Route: 李兆基綜合大樓>草堆下>吊草岩>大老山山頂>李兆基綜合大樓

Kickboxing aerobic

Date: 17 January 2020(Thursday)

Venue:  Sports Hall, 2/F Lee Shau Kee Complex

Peaceful Yoga

Date: 16 January 2020(Thursday)

Venue:  Sports Hall, 2/F Lee Shau Kee Complex

Relieving Shoulders and Back Pain Workshopshop

Date: 19 December 2019(Thursday)

Venue: 1/F Multi-purpose Room, Lee Shau Kee Complex


Cricket Workshop

日期: 10月17 日 (星期四)

地點: M座室外籃球場

Tchoukball Workshop

Date: 21st May 2019

Venue: Sports Hall, 2/F Lee Shau Kee Complex

Tchoukball is the fastest hand ball sport in the world today. Invented in the late 1960s, tchoukball is a team sport of 7 players that unites all key sporting skills; athleticism, concentration, respect for oneself and the opposition and teamwork.

巧固球於1969年起源瑞士,是結合手球﹑排球及壁球等運動而發展出來的,”巧固球” 這一名稱,主要是因為射網後發出”Tchouk”的聲音所以英文 為”Tchoukall” 。瑞士生物學者布蘭德博士從教育的團體遊戲觀點,創造了巧固球。以維持健康而有正當的競賽氣氛下,做不侵犯別人身體活動和禮讓的態度為宗旨,在比賽當中必需有「謙虛」﹑「禮讓」和「誠實」等君子精神,則有「君子球」之稱

Every Run Ever Fun

Date: 10th April – 30th April 2019

Location: Campus Area

Provide a brand new sports experience to HSUers.

HSUHK Badminton Tournament 2019

Date: 27th April 2019

Venue: Sports Hall, 2/F Lee Shau Kee Complex

Events: 1) Men’s Singles 2) Men’s Doubles

Dodgeball Workshop plus Tournament

Date: 21st March 2019

Venue: Outdoor basketball court

Pétanque Workshop

Date: 17th Jan 2019

Venue: The Kowloon Cricket Club

Introduce the fundamental techniques of pétanque

  1. 認識法式滾球的玩法及規則
  2. 學習法式滾球的基本技巧

Tate’s Cairn Hike

Date: 8th Jan 2019

Route : Starts at The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, reach the Kowloon Peak Viewing Point and return, about 10 KM for this hiking route.

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