Activities Album 2018-2019

Activities Album 2018-2019

Date: 21st May 2019

Venue: Sports Hall, 2/F Lee Shau Kee Complex

Tchoukball is the fastest hand ball sport in the world today. Invented in the late 1960s, tchoukball is a team sport of 7 players that unites all key sporting skills; athleticism, concentration, respect for oneself and the opposition and teamwork.

巧固球於1969年起源瑞士,是結合手球﹑排球及壁球等運動而發展出來的,”巧固球” 這一名稱,主要是因為射網後發出”Tchouk”的聲音所以英文 為”Tchoukall” 。瑞士生物學者布蘭德博士從教育的團體遊戲觀點,創造了巧固球。以維持健康而有正當的競賽氣氛下,做不侵犯別人身體活動和禮讓的態度為宗旨,在比賽當中必需有「謙虛」﹑「禮讓」和「誠實」等君子精神,則有「君子球」之稱

Date: 10th April – 30th April 2019

Location: Campus Area

Provide a brand new sports experience to HSUers.

Date: 27th April 2019

Venue: Sports Hall, 2/F Lee Shau Kee Complex

Events: 1) Men’s Singles 2) Men’s Doubles

Date: 21st March 2019

Venue: Outdoor basketball court

Date: 17th Jan 2019

Venue: The Kowloon Cricket Club

Introduce the fundamental techniques of pétanque

1. 認識法式滾球的玩法及規則

2. 學習法式滾球的基本技巧

Date: 8th Jan 2019

Route : Starts at The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, reach the Kowloon Peak Viewing Point and return, about 10 KM for this hiking route.

Date: 15th Nov 2018

Venue: Sports Hall (2/F Block B)

Introduce the fundamental techniques of korfball

認識合球的玩法及規則, 學習合球的基本技巧

Date: 25th Oct 2018

Venue: Multi-purpose room (1/F, Block B)

Sports massage workshop — Introduce the effect and basic techniques of sports massage


Date: 6th Oct 2018

Venue: Tai Po Tai Mei Tuk Plover Cove Reservoir

More than 50 students supported the RUN LIGHT STAND charity run on 6 October 2018 as volunteers.


Period: October

Venue: Multipurpose Room (1/F, Block B)

Bridge, is a trick-taking card game using a standard 52-card deck. In its basic format, it is played by four players in two competing partnerships, with partners sitting opposite each other around a table

橋牌是一種以技巧和運氣贏取牌磴的 紙牌遊戲。橋牌是由四個人組成兩對搭檔在方桌上進行,搭檔互相 面對面坐在桌子的兩端。 打橋牌需要運用數學、邏輯 學、心理學,並發揮人的智慧與技巧,與拍擋的純熟合作,忠實而靈活地配合各種叫牌制度。

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