Inbound Students

Inbound Students

Here at HSUHK, we provide specialized academic programmes in the fields of Business, Communication, Decision Sciences, Humanities and Social Science as well Translation and Foreign Languages. You will be able to study in a professional and friendly environment. If you want to broaden your global horizon and experience a different culture in Asia, HSUHK is your choice! For more information, please refer to HSUHK fact sheet here.

Alcéane,Lutèce VERDIER (middle) from University of East Paris, France

It was an amazing and unforgettable semester. Hong Kong (especially HSUHK) will always have a big place in my mind and my heart. I could never forget everything that I discovered and lived here with every local and other exchange students that I met.

Jesse Jansen (left) from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

Studying at HSUHK gained me the experience of living in a country outside Europe, dealing with cultural differences, and much more. I met a lot of nice people, made new friends, and created a love for this amazing city.

Mairis BACULIS-TREŠČILOVS (right) from Riga Technical University, Latvia

Studying in Hong Kong has been a definite highlight of my undergraduate studies. I particularly enjoyed my encounter with David Chui (left), my finance professor, who introduced me to an amazing community of Latvian people living and working in Hong Kong.

Guillaume Alexandre BOURASSA-BENOÎT from Concordia University, Canada

If I have any useful tips? Don’t go Octopus broke, say yes if a local personal trainer offers you to go work out on a Friday morning and respect others, their culture, their habits and their surroundings. Dimanche à Bamako!

Tjelle ECKART (middle) from Hamburg School of Business, Germany

My stay and all of my experiences in Hong Kong have been really great, especially the unbelievable welcoming and friendly attitude of all the local students towards me have made this semester unforgettable.

Maëva-Noëlla SAKA SAPU (right) from Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles, Belgium

All teachers were attentive to me and made me comfortable and integrated into the class. The same goes for the staff and administration. I always felt welcome. Special thanks to my buddy, Chloe, I was able to meet many local friends.

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