Co-curricular Participations

University Graduation Requirements:
Co-curricular Participation
(iGPS Unit / CS-ECA-PA hours)

To enhance students’ learning experience and to encourage students’ all-round development, HSUHK students are required to participate in a variety of co-curricular learning activities before graduation. Students are required to accomplish the requirements of iGPS Unit/ CS-ECA-PA Hours requirement and attend College Assembly – HSUHK Liberal Agora according to the entry year and the year of intake.

You may find the corresponding year of intake below to identify the co-curricular achievements you need to fulfil:

Identify the year of intake​

The requirements are different based on the year a student admitted to the University. To find out your intake year, please check out the first two digits of your student ID number:

Student ID number “s200000″, the intake year is 2020/21

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