Year 4, work out more! PA hours are HERE!

Dear Final Year Students,

A series of PA programs have been arranged and reserved for the Final Year Student ONLY.   You may JOIN what you want before the DEADLINE (13 April 2020). Don’t miss the chance to get the required PA hours before graduation!

Should you have any questions or difficulties, please write to us (email: on or before 13 April. 


Please read all the guidelines before you make the selection. 

Program Name

Program description

Details and Registration

Walking is easy: Fitness and PA Gained

Earn ONE PA hour with a walk of a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. Walking is easy but 10,000 steps a day could be a challenge! Go challenge yourself!


Physical activity diary

Submit TWO weeks of your activity diary, with at least 40 mins physical activities per day. You can earn 10 PA hours!

4,3,2,1 Workout at Home

Record a video featuring you completing one set of our designated workout exercises. Complete the other two sets per day by yourself.  Submit the video record link with the workout details to get ONE PA for a day. 

Muscle Training at Home (with PA Hours) Phase II

Submit ONE set workout video per day & get max ONE PA for a day.

Let’s Plan and Workout

Choose any activity(ies) you like and submit the session plans before the real workout. Follow your plan and edit the entire workout video in 10 minutes in order to earn 10 PA hours! 


Tired of staying home all day long? Time to get active!

We have 2 LIVE yoga classes on 16 Apr(Thur).  Yoga will awake your main energy centres, fuel your metabolic system and help burn fat. Also, to calm both your body and mind. Check the latest announcement on e-campus!


The current situation is challenging but as Robert Schulle said, Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do! 






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