HSUHK Putonghua Debating Team

HSUHK Putonghua Debating Team

HSUHK Putonghua Debating Team (恒大普通話辯論隊) was previously operated as a short-term Student Team. Since 2017/18, the team has operated as one of the HSUHK Cultural Groups, joining hands with the University to promote the art of debating and to encourage students’ participation in cultural activities.

The Team recruits new members each year who are active and passionate about debating to participate in local Putonghua debate competitions on behalf of HSUHK. Besides regular practices, the Team has been involved in external competitions such as the Joint-tertiary Institution Putonghua Debate Competition organized by RTHK. To further equip students with professional skills, the University has invited Ms Elena KO (Lecturer, Department of Chinese) to be the advisor of the Team, giving the precious advices for the team development.

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