Student Activities Fund

Student Activities Fund

To encourage students to organize and / or participate in meaningful activities and foster their whole-person development, the University has set up Student Activities Fund (SAF) to provide subsidy to meaningful student projects and activities.


  • Activities organised by student organisations, groups under the HSUSU or the University, or individual students are eligible to apply.
  • Participation in competitions, conferences, international events and large-scale activities recognized and endorsed by the University is also eligible for funding support.
  • University exchange programmes, internship programmes that are part of the course requirements, and credit-bearing activities will NOT be subsidized.
  • To avoid double benefit, an activity receiving subsidy / sponsorship from other sources of the University is NOT eligible for the Student Activities Fund.

Application Schedule

Funding Strategy

'CAT' Strategy & 'CAT' Activities

To align with the University’s strategy on student development, extra funding will be allocated to support students organizing activities in compliance with the CAT Strategy as detailed below. The maximum subsidy for ‘CAT’ activities is 90% of the approved budget and shall not exceed the ceiling amount.

Community Services – Social services, service-learning and other activities that contribute to the community and serve people in need.

Adaptation – Activities that facilitate students’ transition to university education and adjustment to campus life, enhance community engagement, promote integration of local and non-local students, and/or promote a sense of belonging to the University.

Talent Development – Activities that nurture students’ talent and development in non-academic areas including (a) Sports and games, (b) Culture, arts and design, (c) Music and performing arts, (d) Leadership and (e) Innovation, science and technology.

Application Procedures

Successful Applications

Successful applicants are required to submit the following documents to the SAO within 1 month after the completion of the activity. Failure to do so will result in disqualification to receive the fund and the approved subsidy will be forfeited:

  1. Evaluation report that includes activity outcomes, suggestions for improvements, feedback from participants, participant list and at least 5 photos of the activity, etc.;
  2. Financial report with detailed breakdown of income source(s) and expenditure items;
  3. Valid original copies of all receipts of the expenditure items and a set of photocopies;
  4. Full list of participants and organizers involved;
  5. Sample of programme / project materials (for publication);
  6. Authorization form for the collection of approved subsidy (for student organisations / groups);
  7. Bank account information (for student organisations / clubs and societies with an organisation bank account or a joint account held by the President and Financial Secretary).

The approved subsidy is usually credited to the applicant’s designated bank account by auto payment. A notification message will be sent to the applicant / the authorized person via eCampus after the amount has been credited to his / her account.


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