Deferment of Tuition Fee Payments

Deferment of Tuition Fee Payment

(applicable to full-time undergraduate students only)

Undergraduate students who have financial difficulties in settling the tuition fee before the payment due date can apply for Deferment of Tuition Fee Payment.  All applications will be reviewed by University on a case-by-case basis. 


All full-time undergraduate students with proven difficulties in settling the tuition fee are eligible to apply for Deferment of Tuition Fee Payment.

Application for deferment of tuition fee payment is not available for Taught Postgraduate Degree students.

Assessment Criteria for Application for Deferment of Tuition Fee Payment


Tuition fee for 2023/24 Semester 2 (Out-time / Extra module study)

For current students whose tuition fee debit note issued on 16 Feb 2024, please click here to submit the online form together with the relevant supporting documents during the application period.

Application Period: 16 to 23 Feb 2024 (Late application will not be accepted.)

Please pay attention:

  1. The University reserves the right to deregister students who did not settle the payment or submit application for deferment of tuition fee before the set deadline. Deregistered students are not allowed to join the module registration for the coming semester and your transcripts or other statements of student records (including Graduation Certificate) will be withheld until all outstanding tuition fees have been settled.   For details, please refer to the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programme.
  2. Only requests from students with special needs, under extenuating circumstances, would be considered on a case-by-case basis.  The Student Affairs Office (SAO)  may contact the Student Finance Office (SFO) of the Hong Kong SAR Government for the updated status of FASP/NLSPS application.
  3. Application without adequate information and supporting document(s) will not be processed.

Tuition fee for 2023/24 Semester 1 and 2

Late application will normally not be accepted.

For students who have special financial difficulties on tuition fee payment, please contact us at

Result Announcement

Application result will be normally released within ten working days through eCampus (MyHSU > Payment > Debit Note) upon submission of completed application during the application period.


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