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Important Notes

  • Read the Guiding Principles for Scholarship Award and Financial Assistance Schemes thoroughly before proceeding to the application platform (SFR-APP).
  • Disbursement method: Autopay (via personal bank account). Awardees need to provide personal bank account information through eCampus. Guideline of uploading personal bank account information: click here
  • Format of supporting documents: jpg, jpeg, pdf
  • Size of supporting documents: Max. 5 MB per file
  • By Nomination: Only eligible students would be invited to apply for these scholarships by email and nomination is made by respective Schools / Departments / Offices / Centres.

Application Platform


Types of Scholarships

[Application Deadline: 2 Aug 2023, 6:00 p.m.]
The Scholarship is designed to award the first generation of university students within their families to study at a local university.

Please click here for scholarship application guidelines and form.

Scholarships for Ethnic Minority Students

[Application Period: 19 Jul 2023 – 18 Aug 2023]
Hong Kong Unison is a non-governmental organization dedicated to empowering ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, they are delighted to announce the launch of our scholarship scheme for ethnic minority students.
Two types of scholarships under this scheme is open to application:

Centaline Charity Fund Scholarship

[Application Deadline: 23 Aug 2023, 23:59]
Centaline Charity Fund Scholarship (Scholarship) is established by Centaline Charity Fund Limited, which aims to award and support full time secondary school students in Hong Kong with outstanding academic achievements for their full time first undergraduate degree studies (Year 1) in local, Mainland or overseas universities in academic year 2023-24.

Please Click here for scholarship application guidelines.

Tertiary Education Scholarships for Ethnic Minorities by The Zubin Foundation

[Application period: 1 Aug – 1 Sep 2023]

The Zubin foundation is a registered charity in Hong Kong whose mission is to serve and improve the lives of Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities by reducing their suffering and providing opportunities.   

Please Click here for further details on application form, eligibility, scoring criteria, etc. 





Spacious Scholarship 2023

[Application Deadline: 31 Dec 2023]
Spacious is a leading property platform that connects home searchers with home listers by making listing information available online. The Spacious Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship award to challenge, inspire, and reward the next superstars from any tertiary institutions.
Target: An undergraduate who interested in disrupting the real estate industry with technology.
Scholarship Amount: HKD3,000 / US$380

Please Click here for scholarship application guidelines.

Scholarship TitleApplication Period# Application Method
Agricultural Products/Marine Fish Scholarship Fund – Tertiary Education Awards 2023/24Deadline:
4 September 2023
Online Application
Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers 2023/249 Aug – 18 Aug 2023Details about the application procedure:
SPSS – Outstanding Performance Scholarship (OPS) 2023/24Oct 2023 (to-be-confirmed)Online Application via SFR-APP
SPSS – Endeavour Scholarship (EDS) 2023/24Oct 2023 (to-be-confirmed)Online Application via SFR-APP
SPSS – Best Progress Award (BPA) 2023/24Oct 2023 (to-be-confirmed)Online Application via SFR-APP
SPSS – Talent Development Scholarship (TDS) 2023/24Oct 2023 (to-be-confirmed)Online Application via SFR-APP
SPSS – Reaching Out Award (ROA) 2023/24Oct 2023 (to-be-confirmed)Online Application via SFR-APP
Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme 2023/2411 Oct – 30 Dec 2022 (6:00 pm)
Details about the application procedure:

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