Student Locker Services

Student Locker Services

Student lockers are available at HSUHK campus to provide convenient storage space for HSUHK students. If you wish to apply for one, please go through the following details and submit an application to the Student Affairs Office.


All HSUHK students are eligible to apply for one student locker, subject to availability.

Locker Information


S H Ho Academic Building (A)

Lee Shau Kee Complex (B)

G/F, 1/F & 4/F,
Lee Quo Wei Academic Building (D)

Locker Size: One Size (320W x 435D x 646H)

Important Notes:
No alternation would be allowed once the locker is assigned.

Rental Fee

  • Applicant should settle an annual non-refundable rental fee of $50.
  • Payment is accepted at any HSUHK Payment Station after reservation of a locker within 3 days.
  • Any violation of the use of lockers, whenever reported and/or discovered, will result in immediate termination of the use of lockers. Fees paid will not be refunded. Black listed to use locker in the future.

Rules and Regulations on the Use of Student Lockers

  1. All HSUHK students are eligible to apply each year for ONE student locker, subject to availability.
  2. The rental period is for one academic year, i.e. from September to 31 May of the following year.
  3. Applications for student lockers must be made through the online application system (
  4. Applicants must pay an annual non-refundable rental fee of HK$50 at the HSUHK Payment Station within 3 calendar days of making a reservation on online application system; otherwise, the application will be deemed unsuccessful.
  5. Applicants who fail to pay the rental fee by the deadline are not allowed to use the reserved locker: if he/she uses it, he/she will be regarded as an unauthorized user of the locker.
  6. The lockers are not fitted with any locks. Renters are required to use their own padlocks.
  7. The renter of each locker is held responsible for any damage/misuse of the locker rented. Storage of any illegal property, or which would cause or is likely to cause risk to health, physical danger, risk of safety or nuisance to the environment or other members of the University (e.g. alcoholic beverages, perishable food, illegal medicines, weapons and explosives, etc.) are strictly prohibited.
  8. Lockers are allocated for the purpose of storing academic related materials to facilitate study. Renters are advised not to store any valuable items (e.g. money, laptops and mobile phones etc.) inside the lockers. The University shall not be liable in any circumstances for any loss or damage of property inside the lockers.
  9. Lockers are not transferable. Renters who wish to change lockers should send an email to giving a reason.
  10. Unauthorized use of unoccupied or other people’s lockers is strictly not allowed. Renters should approach SAO if their lockers are occupied by others. A warning will be given to the unauthorized users to remove their belongings by a specified deadline. SAO shall have the authority to open any unauthorized lockers and dispose all the items found therein without any notice.
  11. No material (e.g. stickers, labels, and/or posters) is permitted to be placed on the surface of the lockers. Renters should always keep the interior and exterior of the locker clean.
  12. A renter who leaves the University for any reason should report to SAO and clear the locker accordingly. SAO will remove all unattended belongings for disposal.
  13. Renters must clear their lockers, remove their padlocks, and return the lockers to the University in good condition by the end of the rental period. Lockers will be cleared in June. All materials found in the lockers after the rental period will be discarded without further notice.
  14. SAO reserves the right to open any locker in the event if the locker being occupied by an unauthorized user, any violations of the use of lockers, or any other emergencies, without notifying the renter in advance.
  15. All unclaimed items may be disposed of by the University.  Disposal methods include, but are not limited to, transfer to other departments, donation to not-for-profit organizations or destruction.
  16. SAO reserves the right to revise the rules and regulations on the use of student lockers from time to time.
  17. To safeguard the property of students and the university, the lock-cutting procedure requires the presence of the locker lessee, Student Affairs Office, and Campus Development and Management Office. Hence, all the lock-cutting service requests must be submitted at the SAO Counter (6/F, M Building) at least 5 working days prior to allow sufficient time for handling the request.

Application and Rental Period

Application for student lockers must be made through the online application system from September

Rental period: September to 31 May of the following year

Locker clearance would be conducted during summer.


In the event of key loss/key damage/locker being occupied by unauthorized users, please contact SAO staff at for assistance.


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