University Graduation Requirements

University Graduation Requirements

All students must have fulfilled both academic and non-academic graduation requirements stipulated by the University in order to graduate. Please refer to Registry website for details of academic graduation requirements. To achieve the non-academic graduation requirements:
  1. pass the Information Technology Proficiency Test (please refer to the IT Learning Centre website for details); and
  2. complete the requirements for
      • Community Service (CS) / Extra-curricular Activities (ECA) / Physical Activities (PA) Hour
      • or
      • iGPS Unit and College Assembly – HSUHK Libral Agora (for 2019/20 cohort Year 1 entry).

Starting from the academic year 2019/20 onward, all new Year 1 entry students adopted iGPS Unit and College Assembly – HSUHK Liberal Agora as one of the non-academic graduation requirements.

All other students, including 2019/20 cohort senior-year entry students, are required to achieve ECA/CS/PA Hour requirements.

The requirements are different based on the year a student admitted to the University. To find out your intake year, please check out the first two digits of your student ID number:

Student ID number “s190000″, the intake year is 2019/20

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