University Graduation Requirements

University Graduation Requirements

All students must have fulfilled both Academic and University Graduation Requirements stipulated by the University in order to graduate. Please refer to Registry website for details of Graduation Requirements.

To achieve the University Graduation Requirements:

  1. Language competency exit requirements (refer to the relevant section of the Academic Regulations for details);
  2. Information Technology Proficiency Test (refer to the relevant section of the IT Learning Centre website for details); and
  3. complete the requirements for
        • Community Service (CS) / Extra-curricular Activities (ECA) / Physical Activities (PA) Hour


      • iGPS Unit and College Assembly – HSUHK Libral Agora (for 2019/20 cohort Year 1 entry).

Starting from the academic year 2019/20 onward, all new Year 1 entry students adopted iGPS Unit and College Assembly – HSUHK Liberal Agora as one of the non-academic graduation requirements.

All other students, including 2019/20 cohort senior-year entry students, are required to achieve ECA/CS/PA Hour requirements.

The requirements are different based on the year a student admitted to the University. To find out your intake year, please check out the first two digits of your student ID number:

Student ID number “s190000″, the intake year is 2019/20

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