HSUHK Wofoo Leaders’ Network

HSUHK Wofoo Leaders’ Network (WLN)

WLN aims to promote the idea of “Responsible Citizenship” and build a harmonious and caring society. Students from different tertiary institutions will participate in, organize and promote a wide range of activities, in order to enhance all-round skills, self-equip proactively, acquire social service experiences as well as to increase a sense of belonging to the nation.

WLN develops the students in three dimensions: leadership training, civic education and social servicing.


  • To nurture future leaders, promote the idea of “Responsible Citizenship”, and build a harmonious and caring society.


  • To enhance all-round development for youth and nurture future leaders through extensive training activities and exchange opportunities.
  • To promote the mission of “responsible citizenship”.

What are the Student Benefits?

  • To widen the horizons by being in contact with business leaders, professionals and students from other institutions or overseas.
  • To have the sharing from mentors with different professional background.
  • To learn from various programmes & projects, and perform community services.
  • To learn to become a youth leader and responsible citizen in the society.
  • To learn to be a leader, and serve as a leader by joining different kinds of leadership training.
  • To enlarge social network by joining cross-institutional activities.

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