PE Classes

PE Classes

Physical Education Class & Activities Introduction

SAO PE organises a broad array of PE classes & activities, such as yoga, Muay Thai and swimming each semester. You can find more details of the PE class below.

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Online PE Activities


Monthly PE Classes


iGPS Units or Physical Activity/ Extra-Curricular Activities Hours

Degree Programmes

Students have to complete a total of 12 iGPS Units OR 10 ECA hours, 10 PA hours and 20 CS hours in the period of study. The required ECA/PA/CS hours for students admitted to the third year of study are reduced by half (i.e. 10 iGPS Units OR 5 ECA hours, 5 PA hours and 10 CS hours).

PE Unit provides PE Sessions for students to fulfil the iGPS and Physical Activities (PA) requirements. Students may register in the PE session via the e-Campus.

FAQ on PA/ ECA Hours or iGPS Units

Q: When will I receive my PA/ ECA hours or iGPS Units?

A: If you have met our attendance requirement (80% or above), your PA/ ECA hours should be released according to below timeline:


PA Hours/ iGPS Units release day
(Please refer to SAO’s website)

On or before 31 December 2022

Mid-January 2023

On or before 31 January 2023

Mid-February 2023

On or before 28 February 2023

Mid-March 2023

On or before 31 March 2023

Mid-April 2023

Q: Will I get a confirmation email after the PA hours have been granted to my account?

A: No confirmation email for PA hours record will be sent individually. Please check your records via eCampus.

Q: Can I join other PE activities at the same time?

A: Yes, you are welcome to join other PE activities held by SAO PE.

Should you have any inquiries, please refer to the LINK, contact us at 3963 5366 or send an email to