PE Courses

PE Courses

A) Objectives

i) To develop individual physical competence and knowledge of development for an active and healthy lifestyle.

ii) To nurture positive values and attitudes in sports and recreation, by providing a good foundation for lifelong and life-wide learning.

iii) To promote social, cooperative and problem solving competencies by providing a quality physical education experience

B) Scope of Service

i) PE Sessions

Provide PE Sessions for students to fulfill the Physical Activities (PA) requirements. DP students should complete 10 hours of PA within the four-year DP programme as one of the exit requirements.

Students may register for a PE session via the e-Campus.

ii) Coordinate the School Teams

Students are welcome to join the school sports team by attending their  selected session.

Schedule of training can be found from the information listed on SAO website.

iii) Management of sports facilities

The following sports facilities are available in Lee Shau Kee Complex:

i) Swimming Pool

ii) Multi-purpose Room with table tennis set-up

iii) Fitness Centre

iv) Dance Room

v) Sports Hall (for basketball, volleyball, football or badminton)

vi) Music Room

Students are welcome to make use of the facilities to maintain their physical well-being. The opening hours of each facility can be found on the e-Campus.

Physical Education Class /Activities Introduction

The PE unit organizes a broad array of PE classes & activities, such as multi-functional training, HIIT, and Dodgebee, in each semester. You may find more details of PE class as below.

PE Class Coaches Profile

Physical Activities / Extra-Curricular Activities

Degree Programmes

Students have to complete a total of 10 ECA hours, 10 PA hours and 20 CS hours in the period of study. The required ECA/PA/CS hours for students admitted to the third year of study are reduced by half (i.e. 5 ECA hours, 5 PA hours and 10 CS hours).

PE Unit provides PE Sessions for students to fulfil the Physical Activities (PA) requirements. Students may register in the PE session via the e-Campus.

Timeline on Recording and Release of Activity Hours:

Any activities organized by the PE Unit and completed before:

3 May 2021,  the PA / ECA / iGPS hours will be submitted to the SAO system at the middle of May and the date of release will be at the end of May 2021( LINK ) ;

15 Aug 2021,  the PA / ECA / iGPS  hours will be submitted to the SAO system at the end of August and the date of release will be at the middle of September 2021 ( LINK ) ;

Should you have any enquiries, please refer to the LINK,  contact us at 3963 5366 or email by

Semester PE courses (2019-2020)

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