Peer Mentor Scheme

Peer Mentor Scheme

Mentor Scheme is one of a self-initiative program organized by SAO since 2016, which is different from other student association that aims to involve students with positive thinking, caring to others and willing to contribute a better
campus culture 
and further reach out to the community 


the structure of PMS had evolved as composing with 4 layers:

Layer 4 – Advisor (Counselor and Lecturer)

Layer 3 – Senior Peer Mentors (Leaders & Think Tank)

Layer 2 – Peer Mentors (Chief organizers)

Layer 1 – Social Group Members (Participants of events hosted by PMs)

of operation:

1. Counselors will offer and arrange periodic
training to all SPMs and PMs, such as, team building, problem solving, program planning. 

2. All SPMs and PMs will cooperate to launch
services to all HSU students, such as Cheering station for exam period. 

3. PMs will further separate into different task force and lead by SPMs to plan and implement programs with different themes, such as outdoor activities, art and media, food and cooking, etc. 

( *Basic requirements: All PMs should cooperate to host at least 3 mass events per year)

4.  PMs will initiate to recruit social group members to join the theme program. Each
social group should have formal and informal gathering initiated by PMs according to their theme
to enhance the cohesiveness among the members.

5. A closing and recognition ceremony normally will be held in May for recognizing the input of PMs.

6. Promotion of PMS in university orientation day.

All eligible students are welcomed to register through our online booking system:

Peer Mentor Training Day
DIY Cake 蛋糕工房
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