Personal Enhancement Program

Personal Enhancement Program

Personal Enhancement Program (PEP) is a free program offers to all eligible students, aiming to enhance students’ knowledge, skills and attitude on the following aspects:

  • Self-understanding and personality
  • Emotional management
  • Learning style and study skill
  • Interpersonal relationship
  • Love and intimate relationship

Participants will meet a counselor to:

  1. Review individual needs by an interesting and scientific assessment tool;
  2. Set Goals for changes;
  3. Set action plan;
  4. Review and plan for the future

 * Small group for Personal Enhancement Program are also available upon request.

Upon completion of the P.E.P., participants will gain:

    • Personal growth on the addressed topic;
    • Extension of your social network if Peer Mentor support is appropriate with consent;
    • ECA hours

All eligible students are welcomed to register through our online booking for at least 4 sessions according to your availability: 

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