Mobile Booster

We know that you are returning to a busy pace since the start of any new semester. This month is for you!
Join us for having fun,  releasing your pressure and meeting new friends!
A series of events have been prepared for you. Stay tuned!

Mobile Booster - Welcome Back!

In collaboration with the several student groups, including the Student’s Union, Student Ambassadors, Peer Mentors, Sports Teams and  Volunteer Team, SAO gave a warm welcome to students on the first day of the Second Semester and shared with them snacks and drinks during lunch, wishing them a cheerful and healthy year ahead.

Free Use of Sports Facilities

To encourage an active and healthy life, special arrangements for free use sessions of sports facilities in January and February!

13 January to 21 February 2020 (Monday to Friday only)

Eligibility: Students & Staff of HSUHK

Sparkle Your Sports Self in a New Semester

Free workshops of yoga and kickboxing aerobics will be held in the first week! You are welcome to join our activities and nurture your body and mind! You may click HERE for more information.

Order Your Healthy Drinks - Get Immune Boosters

In addition to water, why not consider these healthy drinks available at our campus catering outlets?
Get your immune boosters! 

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