[CS-ECA-PA Hour / iGPS Unit] Learn at Home. Earn at Home.

Dear students,

Further to the announcement made by Registry on 11 February (please refer to the email appended below), in order to facilitate students to fulfil the CS/ECA/PA hours or iGPS units Graduation Requirements during the suspension of face-to-face learning on campus, the following measures will be adopted:

Online Co-curricular Learning

Various work-at-home and/or on-line modes of participation of co-curricular activities would be organized by the Student Affairs Office (SAO) and other units of the University (e.g. English Language Centre & etc.) to facilitate students to engage in co-curricular activities at home.

Students may also earn the CS-ECA-PA Hour / iGPS unit through participating in the activities organized by the external parties. A list of selected activities is posted on SAO website.

 For details, please stay tuned to eCampus (Here) and SAO website (Here).


E-submission of CS/ECA/PA Hour or iGPS Unit Record

To apply CS/ECA/PA hours or iGPS unit through participation in activities organized by external organizations, students are required to submit the application form to the SAO.
E-submission of application is now available for all students:

Step 1: Complete the e-submission form

Step 2: Upload the endorsed Letter of Certification* (Here)

Step 3: Check your submission through eCampus according to the release date as shown on SAO website

*Student may be required to provide original copy of the endorsed Letter of Certification to the SAO for verification.

Check Your CS/ECA/PA Hour or iGPS Unit Record

Students can check their activity records through eCampus:

Step 1: Login to eCampus at https://ecampus.hsu.edu.hk/moodle/login/index.php

Step 2: Click MyHSUHK

Step 3: Click Activity

Step 4: Click Activity Report

Step 5: You can view your Activity Report

For more details on applications for University Graduation Requirements, please visit the SAO website or contact us at sao@hsu.edu.hk.
Thank you.  Stay healthy and stay learning!

Student Affairs Office

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