Mainland Internship Programme

Mainland Internship Programme

Apart from the HSU International internship Programme, Student Affairs Office (Career Planning and Development) also co-organizes other renowned internship programmes for students to gain work experience in Mainland China.

「夢想啟航」香港青年暑期內地實習計劃 2021

日期及城市:2021年7月17日至8月15日(四星期)- 北京、寧夏、武漢、珠海、廣州

If students are eager to continue any outbound activities, you are advised to consider the risk involved, uncertainties ahead and potential cost incurred which you need to fully bear (including but not limited to accommodation for quarantine, insurance, test report, vaccine injection, cancellation or postponement of the internship, etc.). You are also suggested to put your own safety first, and consult your family to make a well-considered decision. Please approach SAO if you have any queries on the outbound activities in summer.

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