Internship & Jobs

Internship & Jobs

Internship allows students to attain authentic work experiences, develop business network and cultivate business etiquette skills. It also gives you an opportunity to consider whether the job suits your passion, personality and strength. The internship experience can be very valuable in enhancing your competitiveness in the job market.
HKSAR Government Internship
Student Campus Work Scheme

How can I tell if the internship can meet the requirement of my field experience/ internship module?

Internship Offer attained through
SAO – Career Planning & Development

Internship Offer attained through Self Search

Student either receives offer from SAO-CPD or employers
(Please Notify SAO-CPD by email to if you received offer from employer.)

Student receives offer from employers

Complete the Online Placement Offer Notice

BBA, BBA-CG, BBA-MGT students
Indicate to take the internship offer as “Programme Endorsed Internship” in the Internship Offer Notice, SAO-CPD to pass the application to your Academic Programme Office

Non BBA, BBA-CG, BBA-MGT students
Submit Individual approval application form to corresponding Academic Programme Office

All students
Submit Individual approval application form to corresponding Academic Programme Office

Academic Programme Office to endorse the internship, assign tutor to students and notify students by email

Student to complete the tasks as advised by your Academic Programme Office

 Field Experience/
Internship ModuleCourse Code
Programme OfficeContact Number
BBAITN3001D7513963 5252
BBA-CGITN3001D7013963 5511
BBA-FAITN3001D7013963 5566
BBA-MGTITN3001 / MGT3029D7013963 5562
BJCBJC3011D5273963 5138
BBA-SCMSCM4301D627A3963 5043
BMSIMMSIM3311D627A3963 5043
BSc-DSBINAD620D3963 5004
BA(Chinese)CHI3014M9043963 5548
BA(English)NAM4073963 5503
BTBTRA4032D5203963 5056

Minimum Wage related information and document
Check this out HERE

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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