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Internship allows students to attain authentic work experiences, develop business network and cultivate business etiquette skills. It also gives you an opportunity to consider whether the job suits your passion, personality and strength. The internship experience can be very valuable in enhancing your competitiveness in the job market. Under the “One Student, One Internship” Scheme, the University provides over 1,100 local and global internship opportunities annually on average to HSUHK students. Grasp the opportunities and stay tuned.

Local Internship
Mainland Internship
Global Internship
Local Internship
Global Internship Programme
Overseas/ Mainland China
HKSAR Government Internship
Student Campus Work Scheme
Campus Internship Scheme

How can I tell if the internship can meet the requirement of my field experience/ internship module?

Internship Offer attained through SAO – Career Planning & Development

Internship Offer attained through Self Search

Student either receives offer from SAO-CPD or employers (Please Notify SAO-CPD by email to if you received offer from employer.)

Student receives offer from employers

Complete the Online Placement Offer Notice

BBA, BBA-CG, BBA-CGC, BBA-GB, BBA-GBM, BBA-MKT, BBA-PA, BBA-MGT, BBA-HRM and BBA-GBM students Indicate to take the internship offer as “Programme Endorsed Internship” in the Internship Offer Notice, SAO-CPD to pass the application to your Academic Programme Office

Non BBA, BBA-CG, BBA-CGC, BBA-GB, BBA-GBM, BBA-MKT, BBA-PA, BBA-MGT, BBA-HRM and BBA-GBM students Submit Individual approval application form to corresponding Academic Programme Office

All students Submit Individual approval application form to corresponding Academic Programme Office

Academic Programme Office to endorse the internship, assign tutor to students and notify students by email

Student to complete the tasks as advised by your Academic Programme Office

Minimum Wage related information and document
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Other Frequently Asked Questions


Local Internship

Internships play a pivotal role in practical training and skills development during university life, ultimately shaping a student’s success after graduation. The HSUHK Local Internship Programme establishes collaborations with employers across various industries, providing students with opportunities to gain hands-on experience, acquire valuable industry insights, and build professional networks in their chosen fields.

Latest local internship opportunities are posted on the JINESS portal and also announced by the Career Planning & Development Section every Friday. Please stay tuned!

Mainland Internship

HSUHK Mainland Internship Programme offers students the opportunity to intern in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and other Mainland cities, broadening their understanding of the development and work culture in these regions, meanwhile, strengthening their competitiveness in the job market.

For more information about the Mainland Internship Programme, please CLICK HERE .

Global Internship

In alignment with the University’s desired graduate attributes – “iGPS”, the HSUHK Global Internship Programme (GIP) supports students on their journey towards becoming engaged with global society, and advanced in their professional and personal development.

Since its inception in 2014, GIP has offered internship opportunities in 20+ countries across 6 continents with support from a diverse range of corporations and organizations in different sectors.

For more information about the Global Internship Programme, please CLICK HERE  .

Government Internship

The HKSAR Civil Service Bureau Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme provides internship opportunities for students who are permanent HKSAR residents and enrolled in full-time accredited post-secondary programmes locally and overseas to work in different departments of HKSAR government during summer holiday.

Details about the application process are available annually between March and May.

Student Campus Work Scheme

The Student Campus Work Scheme is a campus work programme providing students with the opportunity to gain practical work experience on campus by supporting various departments and units within the university.

Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate and post-graduate students may apply to work on a part-time basis during the period of their candidature.

Students are advised to work for a maximum of 15 hours per week during Term time so as to not adversely affect their studies. Students should note that commitments from employment will not be accepted as valid reasons for absence, uncompleted work, late submission of work, or poor performance, and may lead to exclusion from certain full-time programmes.


  • Exchange students are not eligible to join the scheme.
  • Non-local students (excluding exchange students) of full-time locally-accredited local programmes at undergraduate level or above whose study period is not less than one academic year may, during the currency of their limit of stay take up part-time on-campus employment for not more than 20 hours per week throughout the year; and employment during the summer months (1 June to 31 August).

Application form by job applicant <Download>

Upon successful appointment, the student would need to ensure that the Timesheet is accurately completed and submitted to his/her supervisor on a monthly basis or once the job stint has been completed. The student needs to ensure that their bank account details are accurately updated in the ‘Student Information System’. This is the bank account that will be used for the payment of the allowance.

Recruiting departments are required to:

  • obtain prior approval from your department head or designate
  • ensure that sufficient budget to fund this recruitment
  • Fill out the Recruitment Form
  • ensure that guidelines of the NSWS are adhered (Please visit the Policy Guideline)
  • ensure all relevant documents pertaining to the hiring are properly kept for record keeping and audit purposes

All Timesheets submitted by students has to be approved by the relevant department approving officer. The verification process involves ensuring that the days and hours worked are accurately stated. The Payment request form will have to be duly completed and approved, with the supporting timesheet.

Enquiry: Mr. Manson Wong at