HSUHK Entrance Bursary Scheme

Entrance Bursary Scheme

The University introduces HSUHK Entrance Bursary Scheme starting from 2015/16 academic year to assist full-time local new-intake students with financial difficulties. This scheme is the supplement to the Government financial assistance schemes and is allocated to students on the basis of their financial needs.

Application Procedure and Submission of Completed Form

The application for HSUHK Entrance Bursary Scheme will be opened (tentatively) in mid-August 2019 to new-intake students. Please complete the online application form and upload all supporting documents to SAO via online platform. Please note that late and incomplete applications will not be processed.


The interview may be arranged, as appropriate. The list of recommended awardees will be considered and approved by the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Committee.

List of HSUHK Entrance Bursary providers

HSUHK Entrance Bursary (For ​New Entry Students Only)

Ho & Fung Charitable Foundation Entrance Bursary (For ​New Entry Students Only)


Student Finance and Resources Team

Student Affairs Office

Email: sfr@hsu.edu.hk

Phone: +852 3963 5560

Office: M603, 6/F, Block M

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