Student Activities Fund 2018/19 (Round 3) – Open for Application (Deadline: 30 June 2019)

Student Activities Fund 2018/19 (Round 3) – Open for Application (Deadline: 30 June 2019)

To fully utilize the University resources and support students’ whole-person development, the University has reviewed the funding strategy and mechanism of the Student Activities Fund (SAF). We are happy to inform you that the NEW Student Activities Fund is effective starting from this round of application.

What’s NEW about SAF?

  1. 4 rounds of application per academic year
  2. Extensive coverage of activities:

Both student-led activities and participation in large-scale / international events are eligible

  1. Raised ceiling amount for local and off-shore activities
Local HK$8,000
Off-shore HK$15,000
  1. Possibility to be granted with EXTRA funding:

CAT activities will be granted a maximum subsidy of 90% of the approved budget* *The subsidy shall not exceed the ceiling amount.

CAT stands for Community Services, Adaptation and Talent Development. For details, please refer to the application guide.

  1. Loosen restrictions on activity period:

The proposed activity period should within 9 months following the application deadline.


Interested students please submit the application form and supporting documents to the Student Affairs Office on or before 30 June 2019.

Application Guide

The application guide will help you through the application process, take a look!


Student Affairs Office

Tel.: 3963 5560


  1. SAF_Application Form.pdf
  2. SAF_Application Guidelines.pdf
  3. SAF_Authorisation for Collection of Approved Subsidy of Student Activities Fund.pdf
  4. SAF_Evaluation Report.pdf
  5. SAF_Financial Report.pdf
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