[Updates on 6 Feb 2020] Arrangement for Teaching and Learning Activities for Semester 2, AY2019/20

[Updates on 6 Feb 2020] Arrangement for Teaching and Learning Activities for Semester 2, AY2019/20

Registry Account <registry@hsu.edu.hk> 6 February 2020 at 18:12
To: All Academic Staff Members, All UG and TPG Students
cc: All Management and Support Staff
Dear Colleagues and Students,

In view of the further infection prevention and control measures announced by the Government, the University Management, after careful consideration in providing more certainty for all staff members and students for making better and timely planning of their teaching and learning arrangements, has therefore decided the following latest arrangement for Semester 2, AY2019/20 with immediate effect.1. All face-to-face teaching activities for the rest of Semester 2 will be SUSPENDED and online teaching, learning and assessment will continue.

2. The teaching period of Semester 2, which was started on 13 January, will be further extended to 15 May 2020. (Teacher of individual modules may make use of the last few teaching weeks to conduct face-to-face teaching activities, if condition allows and deemed necessary.)

3. Online teaching and assessment for all modules will be continued until 15 May 2020.  Teaching, learning and assessment activities will be conducted via the Moodle and/or any other online means as appropriate.  Meeting of individual students with teachers in person should be arranged on a need basis only.

4. A university-level summary of the arrangement of online teaching of all modules will be collated and released to students for reference.  Teachers and students are strongly advised to contact ITSC if any technical difficulties encountered. Please keep your students informed of the online teaching and assessment arrangements for your own assigned modules via Moodle and/or email.

5. Final examinations (online or on campus if possible) will take place from 16 to 30 May 2020 with no study week before the examinations. Further arrangements will be announced in due course.

6. Schools/Departments may opt for termination of the offering of individual modules if face-to-face teaching is considered essential and re-offer the cancelled modules in the Summer Term wherever possible. The Registry will follow up with the final decision of Schools/Departments in modules offering and inform students accordingly.

7. Any proposed changes in attendance requirement, assessments and assessment weightings for Semester 2 of individual modules should be recommended by module teachers and approved by the respective School Board of the offering School/Department.  Please inform the Registry of such changes.

8. Module withdrawal (REG Form 21) will continue to be allowed until 4 weeks before 16 May 2020 (i.e. commencement of the final examination period) and the quota will not be counted for this semester. Students may retake the withdrawn modules in the Summer Term, if available, without fees. Students may also choose to defer their study (REG Form 05) for this semester should they find it appropriate and discretionary approval will be considered.

9. Learning and sports facilities including computing and special laboratories will be made available if appropriate. Please refer to the announcements of individual academic and administrative offices and supporting units for the opening hours of campus facilities during this period.

10. The arrangement of other assessments like IT Proficiency Test, Putonghua Test and CS, ECA and PA hours will be announced by the relevant units in due course.

11. If situation shall improve tremendously in a later time and circumstances so warrant, the University does not rule out the possibility of resuming face-to-face classes for all modules. We will notify you of such arrangement at least one week in advance.

The University Management will closely monitor the situation and keep you posted for any further updates, as and when necessary.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.

Prof Y.V. Hui, Vice President (Academic and Research)
Dr Brossa Wong, Registrar

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