KMB Monthly Pass

KMB Monthly Pass

The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd. (“KMB”) has launched a new batch of “KMB Monthly Pass Buy-2-Get-1-Free” offers. During the promotion period between January and March, eligible students can enjoy a $800 Octopus rebate, by purchasing and activating KMB Monthly Pass (the “Pass”), then purchasing two passes consecutively, and completing the registration.

“KMB Monthly Pass Buy 2 Get 1 Free” for students

From 1 January to 31 March 2024, eligible students, who are club1933 members, purchase and activate KMB Monthly Pass with their Octopus card or Octopus product with valid “Student Status” and buy two passes consecutively by successful registration can enjoy the rebate. $800 will be refunded to the Octopus card via the Octopus mobile app or at the Octopus Service Stations within ten working days to 30 days after the third Pass was activated, which is equivalent to the “Buy-2-Get-1-Free” offer.

Free LWB rides with KMB Monthly Pass

During the promotion period until 31 March 2024, KMB Monthly Pass holders can enjoy free rides on all 53 routes operated by LWB via the ”Rebate-after-ride” arrangement. Passengers pay the fare first by using an Octopus Card loaded with a valid KMB Monthly Pass when boarding LWB bus routes, then collect the full fare rebate through Octopus App or at the Octopus Service Points after 10 working days to 30 days.

The relevant trips will not be deducted in the ten daily trips of the KMB Monthly Pass.

KMB Monthly Pass is applicable to the Government’s Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme and is applicable to over 450 bus routes operated by KMB.

(Routes K12, K14, K17, K18, P960, and P968 are excluded.)

Details for application

Please refer to the Appendix for the concession terms.



KMB Customer Service Hotline:  2745 4466

KMB Monthly Pass Hotline: 3974 7888

Download: App1933 (iOS/‎Android)

Website:  (2024-01-01)

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