Assistive Devices and Technologies

Assistive devices and technologies are designed to enable people with special educational needs to live healthily, productively and independently, and to learn effectively. The assistive devices listed below are available for loan at the Student Affairs Office. Students who meet the eligibility requirement can borrow assistive devices by completing the borrowing form. Students will receive a confirmation email within five working days upon submission of the borrowing form. Students are encouraged to contact your designated SEN Case Officer if there is any item that you find helpful but is not on the list.

Terms & Conditions

Borrowers must read through the following Terms and Conditions before borrowing:


Current students who have registered for the SEN Support Service. 

If you have not yet registered for the service, please complete the registration form before using the assistive devices borrowing service. 

Item Collection Period

Borrowers should collect the reserved items within 5 working days of receiving the confirmation email issued by the Student Affairs Office. Any uncollected items will be released to all eligible students to borrow after the collection period.

Loan Period

The loan period for each item is up to one academic year. All loan items must be returned to the Student Affairs Office by the due date.

Extension of Loan Period

Borrowers can apply for an extension of the loan period. Please complete the borrowing form 5 working days prior to the due date for renewal. 

 Overdue Punishment

An overdue punishment will be imposed on each loan item if returned late. Any item(s) that are not returned within the loan period will be deemed as lost. Borrowers will be liable to pay an indemnity for the loan item(s) (the original cost of every piece of equipment and accessory). 

 Replacement Cost for Lost or Damaged Item

Borrowers will be liable to pay an indemnity for any damage or loss to each loan item (the original cost of every piece of equipment and accessory). 

The Student Affairs Office reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of assistive devices borrowing service. Should there be disputes, the Student Affairs Office reserves the right to the final decision.

Assistive Devices for Borrowing

Roger Touchscreen Mic Transmitter and Roger X Receivers

Product Information: Website  YouTube
User Manual(Chinese version only)

Ruby 7 HD Portable Video Magnifier

Product Information: YouTube

Barrier-free Self Study Room in the Library

The Student Affairs Office collaborates with the Library to provide academic support facilities and services to students with special educational needs. A barrier-free self-study room (A108) is located on the 1/F of the Library which is accessible during library opening hours. For reservations, please visit the Library website.

The barrier-free facilities at the barrier-free self study room (A108):

Height Adjustable Standing Desk: Allow to custom-set the spacing between the legs with the height adjustable design

Braille Display: Translate braille to print and vice versa (Details)

Braille Embosser: Allow users to print out braille and tactile documents and graphics (Details)

Desktop Video Magnifier: Allow users to read a book easily with features such as magnification, contrast and brightness, and text-to-speech (Details)

Computer: Equipped with assistive technologies including NVDA Screen Reading Software (Details & User Guideline), EasyDots (Details), Braille Instant Translation and Editing (BRITE) (Details), and Tiger Software Suite (Details).

OrCam Read: OrCam Read is a portable gadget that captures text, converts it into audible speech, and begins reading it aloud to the user. It is suitable for individuals with mild visual impairment or reading difficulties like dyslexia. For details, please approach the library staff at the Service Counter on 1/F.

In-house HSUHK ChatGPT Service

Students can communicate their specific needs and access accommodations such as assistive devices and technologies that facilitate their effective use of Generative AI tools.

HSUHK ChatGPT (Log-in required)

Assistive Technologies

The following software is recommended for use without additional costs.

Speech-to-text technology

The speech-to-text technology enables users to accurately convert speech into text without having to type. The software and devices below include speech-to-text functionality.

Reading and Writing Tools

Reading and writing tools allow users, particularly those with visual impairment or specific learning disabilities, to write more effectively as well as to read and comprehend content.

Math Assistant

Math Assistant assists users in learning mathematics by presenting step-by-step instructions.

For inquiries, please contact the Student Affairs Office-Diversity & Inclusion at 3963 5560 or via email to