Achieve goals despite physical limitations

Mr. Derek Lai is the Deloitte Global Belt & Road Leader and he is also Vice Chair of Deloitte China and the Leader of Value Creation & Crisis Group (FA). In spite of physical limitations, he has made great achievements in his career with tireless effort .

(Sources: Hong Kong Economic Journal) [In Chinese only]

"Please treat me like an ordinary person." a visually impaired student said.

Miss Sharon Choi, a visually impaired student from Ying Wa Girls’ School, obtained a total score of 33 in her best five subjects, including 5** for Chinese, liberal studies and economics in 201819 HKDSE exams.

(Sources: Mingpao) [In Chineses only]

Voices from the person with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Jackie, who is born with Autism and Asperger Syndrome, wants you to know more about Autism.

(Sources: YouTube – 香港01) [In Chinese only]

Graduation Crowd Silent for Student with Autism

At graduation all graduates and several thousand individuals were asked to not clap or cheer so a student has autism, could participate. What followed was nothing short of a miracle…..

(Sources: YouTube – Raney Day Media)

Voices from a young man with Autism - What do I really need?

A young man, who is born with Autism, wants you to know what kind of support they need.  

(Sources: YouTube – hkcss1947)  [In Chinese only]