Mission and Core Values

About Us


In support of HSUHK education goals, SAO strives to create a supportive and challenging learning environment by providing a full range of co-curricular programmes and residential life experience, engaging students in campus life; enabling their total development and wellness; empowering teamwork and leadership; promoting civic participation; cultivating diversity and global citizenship; and enhancing employability. Our ultimate aims are to foster student success and to equip our students to make contribution to the society.

Core Values

1. Student Oriented

We treasure students’ talents and recognize their constraints. We are committed to address their needs as well as to elevate their visions and aspirations.

2. Supportive Team and Life-long Learning

We believe in and practice wellness in the workplace. We advocate positive thinking, teamwork and collegiality. We encourage professional development and continuous improvement through life-long learning.

3. Respect for Differences

We celebrate diversity within the HSUHK family, embrace individuals with different backgrounds and views; and assume our roles with enthusiasm, integrity and respect for others.