Graduate Jobs

Graduate Jobs


JINESS is a job portal that connects HSUHK students with a wide array of employment opportunities, both on and off campus. By logging in to JINESS, students can access graduate jobs, internship opportunities, as well as part-time and temporary positions offered by employers across different industries as well as departments and units of HSUHK.

Enter the JINESS Portal with your registered email address HERE

Career Nomination Scheme

The Career Planning & Development Section supports students in landing graduate and internship jobs by providing employer nominations.

Updates on graduate openings and nomination applications are regularly announced on ecampus and/or by email.

Government Jobs

The latest government job openings are available on the following website:

Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme (GBA YES)

HKSAR Government regularises the Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme from 2023 to encourage enterprises with businesses in both Hong Kong and the Mainland cities of GBA to employ university graduates from Hong Kong and station them to work in the GBA Mainland cities.

For the latest job openings under this scheme and more details, please visit: