HSUHK Professional Mentorship Scheme​

HSUHK Professional Mentorship Scheme

The HSUHK Professional Mentorship Scheme (恒大專業師友計劃aims at providing valuable opportunities for HSUHK students to seek career advice and guidance from mentors who are seasoned professionals and senior executives from different industries.

During the scheme, mentors and mentees can decide upon their own meeting schedule. On the other hand, various social/ career activities will be organized by the SAO to further connect our large group of mentors and mentees.

Programme period: January – August 2024

Eligibility: Full-time HSUHK undergraduates of all years
(Note: students who are on overseas exchange programme during semester two are not eligible for this scheme)

By joining the programme, you can:

  • receive career guidance from experienced mentors
  • experience networking with industry professionals
  • gain access to different training opportunities
Mentor list

Please find the tentative list of mentors AT THIS LINK.
Our mentors come from diverse industries. Students from all programmes are welcome!

Programme timeline 

Now – 31 Oct 2023

Application opens

Interested students are highly encouraged to attend one of our two info sessions, details are as follows: 

  • 19 Oct (Thu) 2:30 – 3:30 pm (A214)
  • 24 Oct (Tue) 5:30 – 6:30 pm (online)

Please register for one of the sessions HERE

*Note: Your attendance at the info session will be counted as an extra mark for your application. 

Nov 2023 Internal Screening
Dec 2023 Selection Result Announcement
27 Jan 2024 (TBC) Kick-off Gathering
Jan – Aug 2024 Mentorship Period
Roles and Responsibilities of mentees

All mentees are required to demonstrate their commitment to the scheme by the following:

  • Submit meeting reports as required.
  • Meet with the assigned mentor for at least 3 times during the scheme period.
  • Attend the kick-off gathering tentatively scheduled for 27 Jan 2024 (Sat) afternoon.
  • Participate in activities (e.g. professional grooming workshop, mock interview workshop, social gathering, online sharing session) organised under the scheme actively.
Award and Recognition

Certificate will be issued to mentees who completed the scheme with satisfactory performance.

How to apply?

Please complete the online application form (LINK HERElatest by 31 Oct 2023 (Tue), HKT 23:59. Please note that you will also need to submit the following two documents via the online form:

  1. Write on the topic “Why do you want to join the HSUHK Professional Mentorship Scheme?”in at least 200 words in English and save your essay in a MS word/ pdf format

*please save the file as “Your name_essay” (e.g. Chan Tai Man_essay) and upload it according to the instructions stated on the application form.

  1. Your Resume in pdf format

(submission is optional but highly encouraged; your resume will greatly facilitate the matching process)

*please save the file as “Your name_resume” (e.g. Chan Tai Man_resume) and upload it according to the instructions stated on the application for

Activities Recap and Student Sharing of PMS 2021

Student Experiences

I am so grateful to know my mentor, who is a considerate and helpful person who brings me insights into planning my future career. From my mentor’s sharing as a banking professional, I have learned more about the banking industry and different roles’ natures and responsibilities. It led me to think about my personality, strengths and weaknesses when considering a position, as well as the skills required to be developed for a specific role. Besides, I also learned more interview tactics, which allowed me to better prepare for the coming interviews. I think the communications we have are inspirational and motivational, and hopefully, our mentoring relationship will last even after the programme ends.

Sammi Lo (fourth from the right)

My mentor is a graduate from Hang Seng School of Commerce and she is a well-known professional in the accounting industry who has worked for various big 4 (accounting) companies. Rebecca always welcomes our queries about job-seeking. She shared with us the major pathway of working in an accounting firm and gave us more ideas about how to choose our career pathways based on our interest and capability. Her positive attitude has motivated me to grasp different opportunities in my life and stay passionate about our work. During our meetings, we shared with Rebecca about our current internship experiences. I am truly thankful for her support throughout this year.

Ryan Lai (right)

I am so glad to meet my mentor who always inspired me from new angles. I understand more about cccounting jobs and have a better planning of my future career.

During the mentorship period, I have met with my mentor for four times. During the meet-ups, she gave me advices on how to polish my CV and offered me a lot of useful interview tips from a professional HR’s perspective. I have also had the chance to visit her office during the summer break.

Thank you for the valuable experience provided by the scheme.

Layla Yu (left)

I joined the Professional Mentorship Scheme for the purpose of meeting industry professionals and broadening my perspective. Fortunately, I was able to achieve both of these objectives during the past year. The scheme allowed me to meet way more professionals than I had initially expected. My assigned mentor is the CEO of a technology company and connecting with him has been a very intriguing and pleasant experience as he was very eager to connect with us. He was very open about the mistakes and difficulties he has encountered during COVID-19 and shared a lot about what he thinks the future is going to be like. In addition to sharing his thoughts, he was very interested in what the three of us were up to and gave his two cents on how we should approach the coming days.

In addition, I have also met a mentor who is the Managing Director of a digital marketing agency. He gave some enlightening advice and explained using an analogy to help me understand what I should do moving forward, which made me feel a lot more comfortable about choosing future career paths.

I will definitely try my best to stay in touch with the wonderful mentors I managed to meet.

Ray Fong (second from the left)

This year is my third year joining the Professional Mentorship Scheme. Over the years, I have met with three industry mentors who shared many insightful experiences with me.

This year, my mentor is from the civil service field. I have asked her many questions related to my future path and the daily routine of her job. It helps me understand more about job duties as a civil servant. I enjoy joining this scheme as I can learn more about different industries from the “insiders’ news” shared by our professional mentors. Joining the PMS is truly an effective way to understand different industries.

Waiting Lam (right)

It’s my first year joining the Professional Mentorship Scheme and it has enabled me to gain a lot of new knowledge! I have always been interested in learning more about the marketing industry but found it difficult to find relevant information apart from reading books and searching on the internet. By joining the PMS, I got the valuable opportunity to get deep into the marketing industry.  My mentor is very nice and she has taught me about different types of marketing works, such as PR and advertising. She also made a note for us and gave useful advices to enhance my CV. I am grateful for this mentorship experience!

Wing Chong (third from the right)

Ms Winnie Chan
Tel: 3963 5275/ 3963 5560
Email: winniechan@hsu.edu.hk

Ms Tracy Lee
Tel: 3963 5459/ 3963 5560
Email: tracylee@hsu.edu.hk