HSUHK Volunteer Team

Established in 2013, HSUHK Volunteer Team (恒生管理學院義工隊 – 「恒義」) offers students opportunities for community engagement. Beyond participation in community services, comprehensive trainings on service skills and sharing by various NGO co-workers are offered to students, enhancing students’ social awareness and responsibilities and equipping students with skills for serving the others. In 2015/16, the Volunteer Team has a membership of over 1,500, with service hours totaling over 12,000.

Student Organising Committee

To encourage more student-led service projects in the College, HSUHK Volunteer Team is restructured into a Student Organising Committee in 2016/17.

With the aim to encourage active participation of HSUHK students in volunteer services, the Organising Committee (OC) work to initiate plans and coordinate caring projects for the HSUHK community. Students work in collaboration with NGOs to organise volunteer services and actively engage themselves in service planning and volunteer management.

In 2016/17, 15 students of the Organising Committee participated in a service-learning exchange trip (HSMC x Asia University Service-learning Exchange Programme) co-organised by the College and Asia University in Taiwan. Students from both institutions joined hands to serve the underprivileged in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The OC Team (2017/18)

AU Man Ching (BBA, Year 1)

CHIM Ying Ying (BBA-SCM, Year 1)

CHOW Sze Long (BBA-SCM, Year 1)

KO Yin (BBA, Year 3)

KWONG Kam Yung (BBA-SCM, Year 1)

LEUNG Ka Ki (BBA, Year 1)

LI Kwun Tung (BSC-DSBI, Year 2)

LUI Shun Lam (BJC, Year 3)

MAK Hoi Ching (BBA-FA, Year 4)

TANG Cheuk Ying Flora (BBA, Year 1)

WONG Hon Fung (BSC-DSBI, Year 1)

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